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in the sale and installation of tanks and biological treatment plants

We manufacture tank trailers | multilift containers | water tanks.

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Who are we?

The activities of Plastekor OÜ are the sale of glass-plastic products and metal products (see also metall.plastekor.ee) in Estonia and Finland. Our product range includes various tanks, septic tanks, bio-purifiers, seepage systems, pumps, catchers, flagpoles, tank trailers, multilift tanks, water tanks, etc. products. In addition to selling products, we offer our customers complete solutions for local wastewater treatment.

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Bio cleaners

Bio cleaners

Today, the bio-purifier is considered the most modern and environmentally friendly solution for wastewater treatment.

Septic tanks

Septic tanks

A septic tank or septic tank is a good option for wastewater treatment - it requires little maintenance and cleans the water mechanically.



A holding tank is a simple and cost-effective way to collect all household wastewater in a closed tank. In some areas, this is the only way to treat wastewater.

Water tanks

Water tanks

The purpose of the water tank is to store and transport drinking water for animals. In addition, water tanks are widely used in various plantations for irrigation water....

What we are good at

We sell and install tanks and septic tanks. In addition, you will find in our range of products biorefineries, pump stations.


Installation of septic tanks

We take care of both the transport and the installation process - all that remains for the customer is to enjoy the comforts of the new septic tank.


Tank installation

We perform tank installations professionally and quickly, regardless of the location. If desired, the entire installation process from necessary materials to transport and...


Installation of biological cleaners

The installation of a biocleaner can be additional work for the customer, for which there is little time or knowledge. Our professional installers will help out!


Installation of flagpoles

Flagpole installation can be a complex undertaking. It is possible to pour concrete from the base of the flagpole or purchase a flagpole with a ready-made concrete base. Pouring concrete is cheaper, but installation...


Installation of infiltration systems

The installation of the infiltration system can be left to us! Long-term experience and knowledge of the differences between different soils and systems help us to install infiltration systems...

How does the process work?

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Send a request

Write us your specific wishes by email

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Price quote

We will find out more detailed information about your request and prepare a price offer

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Forming the order

We agree on the terms and sign the contract

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We deliver the goods and help with the installation if you wish.


What is a biocleaner or self-cleaner?

Biotreatment is considered today to be the most modern and environmentally friendly wastewater treatment solution. Biological treatment can also be used in areas with poorly protected or unprotected groundwater. In a bio-treatment plant, wastewater is purified by bacteria and micro-organisms that break down organic matter in the wastewater and use it for food. Thanks to […]

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Construction of a swimming pool

When to choose suction tunnels and when to choose suction pipes? With many years of experience in the construction of suction fields, we have observed significant advantages of suction tunnels over suction pipes. Suction tunnels can be used for infiltration of rainwater, effluent from biological treatment plants and septic tanks, as well as greywater into […]

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Septic tanks, where can a septic tank be installed?

Septic tanks with different suction and filtration systems are good for use in areas where groundwater is protected and groundwater levels do not rise critically close to the suction or filtration system. Where not to install a septic tank? Septic tanks should not be used in areas with weakly protected groundwater and in densely populated […]

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