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Septic tanks, where can a septic tank be installed?

Septic tanks with different suction and filtration systems are good for use in areas where groundwater is protected and groundwater levels do not rise critically close to the suction or filtration system.

Where not to install a septic tank?

Septic tanks should not be used in areas with weakly protected groundwater and in densely populated areas.

What to consider when installing a septic tank?

When constructing a septic field, you must take into account the distances to bore wells, cesspools on your own property and on neighbouring properties.

Septic tank costs and maintenance

A septic tank is a cost-effective solution in terms of both acquisition and maintenance costs. The septic tank does not need electricity to operate.

On average, a septic tanker should be emptied once a year. Preferably in the summer when the ground is not so heavy due to excess moisture.

How do septic tanks work?

The way a septic tank works is simple… the sludge in the wastewater is deposited at the bottom and the organic matter in the sludge is decomposed by anaerobic bacteria.

The septic tank must be watertight and ventilated. These requirements are met by prefabricated septic tanks made of plastic or glass-plastic, which are light to transport and easy to install, and whose ventilation pipe either extends to the ground or connects to a building sewer ventilation outlet.

What does the capacity of a septic tank depend on?

The capacity of the septic tank depends on the amount of wastewater and whether the building has a water closet or not.

The septic tank is divided into two or three chambers, or a single-chamber septic tank may be considered for a cottage. Generally, a 2m3 septic tank is suitable for 1-3 permanent residents and a 3m3 septic tank for 3-5 residents. The recommended septic tank retention time is 2 to 3 days, but not less than one day. The more sludge that accumulates in the septic tank, the shorter the retention time.

The installation of a septic tank and an infiltration field requires local authority approval.

The septic tank is required to have CE certification.

What kind of septic tanks do we offer?

GRAF biofilter septic tank

Bioseptics Sapphire

Glass-plastic septic tank PLASTEKOR

Strong septic tank PE