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When is it a rural settlement and when is it a dense settlement?

A sparsely populated area is an area where buildings (structures and buildings) are located far from each other. The opposite of a low density residential area is a high density residential area, where buildings and structures are located close to each other. Densely populated areas are mainly cities, towns and villages, and less frequently village centres with closely spaced buildings. The boundaries and criteria for low-density and high-density areas are usually determined by the general plan of the municipality concerned.

There are several ways to treat wastewater in a sparsely populated area. Where possible, waste water should be discharged to a collective sewer, usually owned by the local authority. The connection of a property to the public sewerage system is regulated by the municipal rules on the use of collective water supply and sanitation. If property cannot be connected to the public sewer, the waste water must be… handled by on their own plot, or to build a private sewer.