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What are the definitions of wastewater and effluent?

Wastewater – on damaged above the damage limit and to be cleaned up before discharging into the aquifer water in need. Nt. toilet water.

Waste water or grey water- is used water discharged into an inlet. Nt. dushivesi, water in the kitchen sink, etc.

Estuary is a body of water (e.g. ditch, stream, river, lake) or part of a land body into which waste water is discharged.

Septic tanks suitable for waste water treatment

GRAF biofilter septic tank
Bioseptics Sapphire
Glass-plastic septic tank PLASTEKOR

For more information on septic tanks, see the Septic tanks page.

Biological treatment plants – for cleaning revoee

BioC6 biocleaner
One2clean bio cleaner
Biological waste cleaner GRAF Klaro

For more information on biotreatment, see the Biotreatment page.