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Bulk container

A simple way is to collect all household wastewater in a closed tank. In some areas, this is the only way to treat wastewater.

The tank must be emptied regularly with a tank truck. This service is provided by specialised companies.

When choosing the size of the tank, you should take into account

  • the number of consumers. (one person consumes about 2m3 of water per month.)
  • how often are you willing to order an unloading truck?
  • how much the local unloading truck is capable of picking up at a time.

A holding tank is a good solution for use in areas with unprotected groundwater. The storage tank has a favourable acquisition cost. Well suited for households with lower consumption.

We strongly recommend installing an overfill alarm on the collection container to give a timely warning when the container is full. This way, the tanker can be ordered earlier and the tank will not fill up at an inconvenient time.

When installing a container, high emptying costs must be taken into account.

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